Look in the Back of the Wagon!!

There once was a man, standing next to a wagon. A snake slithered past, spooking the horses. The man grabbed onto the wagon holding the reins of the runaway wagon. The horses galloped quickly, not slowing. They could not be stopped. The nearby crowd of people shouted at the man.

“Let them go!”

“They aren’t worth it!”

“You’re going to get killed!”

But the man didn’t let go. He held on tighter, trying to slow down that wagon that was out of control. He slipped and started to get dragged along.

The man was close to being trampled. He called all the louder, pulled all the tighter and prayed all the harder. People thought he was foolish. They didn’t see the point in what he was doing.

Finally, the man got the horses to slow down. He was nearly dead, lying in torn clothes and blood trailing his face and arms. The people surrounded him, a few shaking their heads.

“Why did you do it? Do you realize how foolish that was? How close you came to being trampled to death?”

The man, wiping the grey dust from his face lifted a weary hand and pointed towards the wagon. With a shaky voice, full of emotion, he coughed out, “Look in the back of the wagon.”

The flap of the wagon opened and there inside lay the man’s baby boy.


I, like this man, some times feel like I am pulling the reins of two runaway horses. I am nearly trampled on. I am close to being murdered, but I still hold the reins, not willing to let go of them.

But no matter where I go, the crowd of this world may never understand why I hold these reins. They may never understand why I don’t roll away to safety. They may mock me, tease me, scold, laugh, or shake their heads in disgust, but it will never be enough to make me stop holding onto those precious reins.

When my time comes and the wagon slows, when the crowd of this world surrounds me and asks me why I was so foolish to not save my life, I will tell the crowd why. I will look them all in the eye and tell them, “Look in the back of the wagon.”


Following God to be a Nanny over seas might be crazy to some. Living in a Country that I didn’t know existed five months ago might seem foolish to some. Leaving the best job I have ever known, to go where I may not get paid, might seem stupid.

But this is who I am. I am called to help those who need it. Christ has given me a passion so deep for the children of this world that not even the nervousness of being away from my family and friends for 3 long months can take away the joy and peace I have, knowing what I’m doing is right.

While this world may never understand why I would do such things as I wrote above, it’s because of Christ that I will hold onto those precious reins. I will follow him, no matter how crazy, foolish, or stupid I appear to others.

I want my faith and trust in Christ to be the reason I  can tell people to ‘look in the back of the wagon’. He is why I do what I do. And one day, the world will see that, what is in the back of my wagon, was worth more than my life.

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