Today in my Here and Now

Already I feel the pressure of five months weighing down on me. I like to plan and dream of what it could be like in five months…

Today in five months, I could be stepping onto a plane. Today in five months I could be flying through clouds, blue skies, humid muggy air, or rainstorms. Today in five months, I could be going through four different airports. Today in five months, I could be stepping off plane number four…or five…let’s hope not six! And today in five months, I could be meeting my new family. I could be giving hugs, sharing stories and making new relationships.


That is not today. That is not my here. That is not my now. That is in the far future. It’s good to plan ahead, dream and make goals and learn about this country I’m about to depart for. But it’s also good to focus on my here and now…

Today in my here and now I want to focus on the awesome family I Nanny for. Today I want to be stepping into my car. Today I want to be driving through snow, rain or sunshine. Today I want to be going through green lights (not red!). Today I want to be stepping out of my car. And today I want to be loving my three kids unconditionally. I want to be giving hugs, sharing jokes, laughing and holding dear to the relationships I have made with these three precious children and their parents.

Today in my 24 hours, I want to be used by God to show that no matter where God takes me in the future, I will always love my first nanny family. They have taught me so much and I am so thankful for them here and now and forever.


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