Slowly and Surely

This past week has been super busy with me writing a support letter and figuring out costs for all the items I need, making a ‘to do’ list, looking up planes for Belize and feeling stressed out by all that I have to do before July.

Slowly my support letter has come together and I should hopefully have it printed and sent out by the end of next week. *hopefully* haha

Coming up with everything I will need for my trip has been kind of fun, though it also reminds me I need $$. Though I will admit, as much as I don’t like spending the money, I do enjoy shopping, so it will be fun to go out with my list.

My ‘to do’ list consists of many things. My favorite is “Keep praying, keep getting into God’s word and keep smiling” The rest is the boring in-between stuff.

Looking up planes is tricky because I’ve never had to buy tickets to fly internationally before. I guess I could google it if I was smart! haha

And lastly stress is a part of life. But finding the joy in the little things helps me personally through it. Going to my favorite job in the world and seeing two smiling faces from twin girls and their giggles, or shaking my head once again at the silly things a 4 year old boy can say. Having my brother N and J over, along with J’s girlfriend for dinner was lots of fun. Sharing an apartment with a wonderful supportive roommate is such a blessing. And through these many little things, I learn to de-stress and get one day closer to my goal of living a life that bring Glory to Christ.

My days will not always be sunshine and roses, but they are an adventure. And slowly and surely I’ll make it to Belize.


2 thoughts on “Slowly and Surely”

  1. The fact that your goal is to live a life that is glorifying to God…..brings Glory to Him already! So proud of you Heidi!

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