Full of Love

Happy (late) Easter! Christ in his love for all of us gave himself up willingly. He died that we wouldn’t have to. He rose again and gave us eternal life, that we may live with him forever. What a hope and joy we have in that!

These past couple weeks have been so fun! My boyfriend, Devin, came to visit for about 10 days. We haven’t seen each other in over 3 months, and it was a much needed time for us to spend together. We have gone through a lot in the past 6 months of being together, but God in his mercy, has helped us through the ups and downs. While he was here, we got park tacos (most delicious, cheap tacos ever!) We went snorkling out by the reef. I never realized such beauty laid in about half a mile from where I’ve been. We went touristy shopping, took walks, drank soda that has real sugar cane in it (not that it’s much healthier then other soda….) watched the moon rise over the Caribbean Sea, looked at the stars in the sky and the glittering glow-in-the-dark bacteria that lived in the water. Nothing was perfect, nothing was what either of us completely expected, but we enjoyed ourselves greatly and look forward to the next time we get to see each other.

Faith and Josiah have been doing well the past few weeks since I last wrote. The base had a family who stayed as guests here and they had children who were the same age as Faith and Josiah. The kids all loved to play together, which helped fill hours in and gave my two kids the chance to learn a little more how to share and play with others. I know Faith gets social skills at church every week, but I was glad to see her interacting with other kids her age.
I’m with the kids from about 9AM to usually 3:30-4PM 6 days a week. (Except Thursday and Saturday I have the afternoon off) Lunch is also an hour in between there. Our weather has slowly getting hotter, as well as not having as much wind…which as also means more bugs. Constantly I’m asked by Faith to go outside and play. It’s a good thing that she wants to go out, but any time after 10 we are all sweating from the heat and usually head inside to cool off in A/C and have a snack. Joe lays down around 11 and usually sleeps till lunch. Faith sometimes lays down for a nap in the morning and sometimes waits until after lunch.
These beautiful children love hermit crabs. We discovered with our friends, several rocks by the dock that are covered in little baby hermit crabs. They came back with handfuls and filled a couple buckets. After sorting through and picking out about 20 of the prettiest, Faith and I dumped the other hundred back into the water. Joe-Joe loves looking at them, holding them and watching them. He hasn’t gotten pinched (I try and keep him away from the big ones we get) but I won’t be surprised if it happens one day. He points to them and makes a noise like a high pitched question, “uuh?” as if he’s asking what it is. It’s cute.
Faith loves to swing. Her dad puts it up for them on the porch, using straps from his hammock, and while Joe can last about two, maybe three minutes in it, Faith could go hours. She loves to be pushed high. She made a game up recently of eating my nose, ears, hair, eyes, etc, while she’s swinging and I go right along with her, pretending that I no longer have that body part and have to take hers so that I can hear, see or smell again. She’s a goof.

My hands may seem to be full with these two, but in reality they are filled with love, joy, crabs, laughter, accidents, food, jumping, singing, swinging, tears, hugs, kisses, sand, coconuts, imagination and so much more. They make me see God in such new ways, find his strength when I don’t feel I can go on, find his patience when mine is wearing off, and his goodness and love to pour on these two precious children. I’m so thankful to be here serving my creator in this way. I love my life and wouldn’t change it for a million cows!


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