Still Here!

Dear family and friends,

I’m sorry I haven’t posted in awhile, I guess I feel that every day is the same routine of going outside, looking for hermit crabs, getting a snack, playing outside again, taking a nap, getting lunch, going outside once more and then my day is over. Though it’s quite more complex then that. I’ve been doing well, loving life and learning so much. Here’s a few examples.

Faith with her Minnie Mouse collection!

This past week, the kids got gifts from their grandmother who came to visit. For Faith she brought small Minnie Mouse dolls and accessories. Faith loves Minnie Mouse and so much of our time where we use to go outside to play has been indoors. She loves to play that her little mouse friends go to the store and buy clothes. Or they get dressed up and go to a restaurant to eat pancakes. Occasionally, crocodiles (aka: little brother) will intrude upon the game and disrupt everything. Faith is slowly learning to share her toys with Joe and gets better every day at using her words to express how she feels when Joe does come around trying to play. Other then Minnie Mouse, Faith loves crocodiles (that aren’t her brother) but either her, me or our imagination chasing us. Hi


de and seek are another favorite. While Josiah is napping, I try and take Faith out to hunt for crabs under rocks, or hunt down shells in the water. Water is a whole other issue that I don’t always know what to do with. Faith loves to put her hands in it, step in it, splash in it and before I know it, she’s swimming in it! So I have to try and keep her from going too deep, but also letting her have fun by walking or looking for shells in the sand under the water. The struggle is real sometimes.

Playing with a hermit crab as usual!

Now Josiah. I love this little sweetheart a whole lot! He’s got the cutest smile, he loves to play in water, look for hermit crabs, dig in the sand, drive his trucks around, and so much more. He’s a super active little guy, loving to chase his sister and give her hugs but running in general is something he loves to do a lot. And sometimes he runs away from Heidi. Especially when he’s not suppose to. He has turned the corner of a special age where he is deaf to all commands other then “come, it’s snack time!” I’ve already had some fun moments of having to chase him down because he didn’t listen. And

It’s so hard to get a picture of him as he’s always on the go!

when I say fun, I mean me yelling his first and middle name while sprinting after him and gently bringing him back where he belongs. I looked online about how to get kids to listen and a lot of things suggested being more positive (say things other then ‘no’ or ‘don’t do that’, such as “Show me how you’re gentle” or “What if we play with something else.”) I’m not sure how to change the “don’t run away from me” when he doesn’t even follow my “come back here now.” But we’ll see if my change of words and trying to help him express himself more can help him listen to me better. Or maybe I just have to wait for him to turn another corner while I continue chasing him as he leaves my side.

My classmates leaving for home!
My Casita Sista, Melissa from Texas. She’s an amazing woman!

Me myself and I. I’m doing really well. I got to see the other students from my DTS (Discipleship Training School, they were away on outreach in Samoa and the Amazon!) a couple weeks ago and it was so lovely! I have missed them and it was great to chat and hear how their time in the other countries went. They had some crazy wild stories! I will miss them, as they headed home a week ago, but I’m excited for them to continue living for the Lord and following him as they head in different directions. During the past month, homesickness comes and goes. Knowing that I will go home one day helps, but if I become too focused on thinking about it and planning too far in advanced I forget the present and become discontented with life where I’m at. Being with these kids and the whole family is such a blessing though. I’m learning a lot and while it overwhelms me and

Melissa got me a shirt when she went on outreach to the Amazon in Peru.

makes me wonder if I’m doing the right thing, usually by the end of the day a bittersweet feeling sets in as I leave the kids, and I kind of wish I don’t have to, even though I will see them again in another few hours for dinner. God has blessed me with so much and I’m so thankful to be here.

Through the joys and struggles I’ve continually been taught that God is faithful. He’s the rock I can stand on, the one who give me strength. He’s the one who helps me take a deep breath and not yell or get angry. He’s the one who teaches me to be patient with baby steps and patient while kids eat and patient during their fights. As you can tell, Patience is something that he’s really been teaching me and it take a lot of practice. I blow my top more then I should. I’m not perfect and never expect to be. But slowly I learn and grow and I’m thankful for this new season of life. I wouldn’t want my life any differently.

Until next time,

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  1. Thanks for the report from the front lines of a battle we do not always see! Love you and praying for you!

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