Back to Belize

I’m home in Belize again, to my little yellow Casita with bright red and light pink flower blooming all around it. The sky is cloudy, the sand is wet from our last rain shower, and I sit here, on my bed, full of memories and happiness from my time spent at home in New York.

I had photos of me standing in the grass, me standing on railroad tracks, me with my boyfriend, me with family, me with friends, cows, hills and valleys, trees, grass and a number of other random things that I did. Unfortunately, I got a new phone and didn’t save all my photos from home. BUT! After looking on my computer for photos, I found a few pictures that I had saved to post on here!  Look at me, so happy in the lush, green, amazing soft grass. How I missed you, lovely grass.

My time home was wonderful. I’m thankful to be able to catch up with family. Playing games and laughing, sitting and talking about computer games we use to play, running around in rain trying to find a hidden Frisbee, giggling with my sisters over secrets, it was simply wonderful. My younger siblings are all growing up and I couldn’t stop staring at a few of them because of how much they’ve changed in the past six months. I’m going to miss you all so much, but I love you all (A, E, C, T, S, J, M) And I’m really glad I got to visit. Mom, dad, thanks for the talks, for loving me and checking up on me. To my older brothers and wives, I missed J&J a lot, A and E, thanks for dinner and N and D thanks for sharing what’s going on, it meant so much to see you all, and I don’t think I can express just how thankful and happy I was to be home and see you all.
I am also super, duper thankful to have gotten to spend time with my friends. Sharing stories over ice cream and walks. Seeing their beautiful faces and how their lives are changing. Walking around school buildings, getting the longest hugs ever, comparing phones, shopping, eating chicken speedie for the first time (apparently it’s a NY thing and I didn’t know it….) covering drive ways in chalk, getting bubble tea and walking around SU campus. I had a lovely, beautiful time with these gorgeous girls and love that I can pick up right where I left off with them, no matter how long we’ve been apart. You girls love me so well, through thick and thin and I’m so blessed to have your listening ears and loving souls as I pour out life problems and troubles. LOVE YOU ALL!
And lastly, to my boyfriend, Devin. I’m so thankful to have have been able to spend a week with him. For all the talks, the hugs, movies, hikes, late night walks and helping me get my hair cut (oh yes, I got my haircut) I’m so glad that you were the one to be there when I got all 13 inches off. And I’m glad that you like my hair short and continually tell me that you like my hair when I’m still not so sure about it. (In the world of hair, it’s still long….in Heidi’s world of hair, it’s short!) And I would also like to clarify, in case anyone wondered (Ahem-mom-cough), My hair is in fact sun-kissed! I have not dyed nor do I intend to dye my beautiful brown hair. Yes, it is slowly getting a little lighter due to tropic living.


Now! Onto other bigger and better things that I have been dying (not literally) to tell everyone! Alyssa and Israel, Mom and dad of Faith and Joe, are expecting baby number 3 in October!!! (Insert drums, trumpets, claps, cheering, exploding confetti and Heidi jumping a thousand feet in the air) Because of this new addition, the Esquivel’s will be traveling to the USA in September to have the baby. And much to my excitement and joy, I’ll be traveling to Washington D.C area with them!
I’m so very excited for this new change. It will be exciting taking walks with the kids through towns and villages. We can go to parks, watch the leaves fall, maybe even see snow! We can go to the library and I can fill their precious minds with facts and stories. They’ll take some swim and gymnastics classes. There’s so much opportunity to help these youngin’s grow and explore the world more! There’s just so much I’m excited about and it will be thrilling to walk through this new adventure with them.

For current news, I’m still picking up rocks to look for crabs, pulling snails off the sea soaked rocks and watching these two kiddos as they run after lizards, yelling at the top of their lungs. We’re bandaging booboo’s (well, my booboo after cutting my foot on a rock) and looking for shells in the water. The kids hold hands and spin together. We discovered that Joe-Joe loves playdough. Faith loves bubbles. They drive cars and trucks around, they ride their scooter. They build with blocks, train tracks, they squeal with delight over tickles, trapped animals and hugs they give each other. I’ve tried taking pictures with them and found that Faith loves to click the button…resulting in pictures where I looked like a confused, lost bunny. Faith’s curls though….She’s got beautiful hair! It’s amazing to me, how I’ve been here only a week and there’s so much that’s been happening!
From one of the last times I wrote, I was having trouble with potty training and listening ears. Since I’ve returned, Faith has had little to no accidents. And Josiah listens like a true soldier! (I don’t expect that to stick too long, but I sure am thankful he stops when I tell him to!)
Watching life through the eyes of these children, enjoying the little stuff in life, it’s so enchanting. While it hasn’t been too hard to transition back into nanny life and loving these two adorable children, it’s difficult in other ways. But being back is good and I’m learning to trust God through the good and hard times. He has blessed me so much and I’m super thankful to be living the amazing, glorious, messy life here in Belize. Changes may be coming, but for now, I’ll be content where I’m at.


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