Catching up on Life

I have been wanting to write for awhile but due to complications, it just never happened. Finally here I am, with a blog that will hopefully work, full of stories and pictures! The past couple weeks have been different. Very different. I thought I would try and give a little inside on what has been happening with me and the kiddos and catch you all up on nanny life.

To summarize, about 3-4 weeks ago, Faith got heat rash and due to that the kids and I have had to stay out of the hot humidity and stay inside the house where there was A/C (Other then meal times, where we would have to go outside for lunch) We wanted the rash to completely heal and staying indoors was the best way to do that. I thought it would be one of the easiest things ever. After about a week later, I was helping push a sailboat out of the ocean and hurt a muscle in my upper leg. I was thankful to have to be inside so I wouldn’t have to try and hobble over the rough sand trying to keep up with these two. Three days later I thought I was all better, but found out real quick that it was not better and took another ten days of taking it easy, stretching and not letting the kids jump on me, for my leg to stop hurting. Two weeks ago we had rain for a couple days.¬† I was quite glad to be stuck inside. And now, mostly recently, we have had no wind. Without wind to cool the island, the temperature is much more real, and the mosquitoes come in swarms. Literally. Once again, I’m thankful to have to be stuck inside, where there is air conditioning and the only bugs that fly around are the few lucky ones who make it through the door.

Of these past 4 weeks, the first week was great. We played with puzzle, trains, cars, playdoh, minnie mouse and stuffed animals. We colored with crayons, drew with markers, traced our hands, painted shells, painted on paper, painted on our hands, cut paper, glued pom poms on paper and covered paper and each other in stickers.
And then, we did it again the next week.
And again the next week.
And again the next week.

I finally was getting so bored of playing with the same stuff and running out of things to do, so I started trying to get creative with things. We have tried playing human train where I them on my back and carrying them¬† from the livingroom to the bedroom and back again. It’s a workout for me and they both really enjoy the ride!
There is a building here on base called the Sandroom. (I heard at one time it was full of sand, hence the name) It’s a large, open, spacious room where the YWAM community has worship three days a week, movie nights on the weekend or other large celebrations. During the morning the students have their classes held in the Sandroom. Because it’s in out of the sun and heat, I began taking Faith and Josiah over on Saturday’s (when there were no students) to play in there. They ride their scooter, draw with chalk, or just run, scream and get out energy that has been hard to release in the house during the week. Faith has already asked several times yesterday and today we we could go, so I know she loves it a lot.
There are a lot of other things that we’ve been learning how to make fun, and how to get creative in our play. But finding new things has been tough. I get lazy and don’t follow through on the things I was going to do. The kids don’t like what I worked hard to do for them. Attention span for them or me doesn’t last long. But I’m finding that, at the end of the day, it matters most that I’m spending quality time, loving them and helping them love each other.
Overall, I’m doing really well! These two crazy kiddos are so fun, and I wouldn’t trade my life for any other. It’s not easy and I’ve had quite a few days that drag by. But it’s rare when I wake up and don’t want to spend time with the kids. I look forward and I’m so thankful, so, so, so, so thankful that I get to be blessed to help raise these two. (Enjoy the pictures, but I apologize for them being all over the place, that is something I haven’t really figured out how to do yet)


Playing in the Sandroom
Playing in the Sandroom
Faith pretending to be a dog.
Piggy-back rides!
Playing in the Sandroom

Magnate puzzle
Faith with some of the shells she painted.
Feeding all our animals pancakes.