Sunrise Surprises

The past couple weeks, every few days I’ve been getting up to see the sunrise. The sun comes up around 5:30-5:40 AM. To get up, dressed and out the door in time to see the color before the sun actually hits the horizon, I try and get up by 5:00 and out the door by 5:15. Many mornings I am tired, but getting to see all the colors, the beautiful yellows, pinks, red, orange, gold all mixed together, is so worth it. Here a few I’ve captured and edited to enhance the coloring.

Last summer and winter, I really enjoyed getting up early to see sunrise. Since April, when I started nannying, I haven’t taken the time to get up. Part of that was because I wasn’t sleeping well. Part of it was laziness. Part of it was new schedule. But recently realized that I am actually leaving soon. I wanted to be sure that I made an effort to get up and watch the sun slowly rise from behind the Caribbean. It’s a special time for me, is full of special memories and moments, between friends and my Heavenly Father.



The one thing that I find most fascinating is that the sky is always different. There’s never the same cloud structure to catch the light and color. The waves of the ocean sometimes capture red, sometimes gold, sometimes a beautiful orange and yellow mix. Every sunrise is different. Everyday is new and unlike any other morning that has already come.

I think that the sunrises will be the one thing I miss most about Belize. It’s a struggle to actually get up out of bed when I’m still sleepy. Or finding my way around a dark casita with half asleep eyes. Or walking all the way from my house to the dock. Or just the fact that I have to get up so early. But through it all, it’s very worth it. The smell of salt water, the quiet wind, the ripple of waves and waited anticipation of what the new morning will look like.

I am looking very forward to coming back state side! My flight is to leave on September 18.  I’ll be taking a short vacation in Florida to visit my boyfriend, then I’ll be flying up to Washington D.C area to join the Esquivel family and begin another new adventure!!


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