What is Next Heidi??

Many people have been asking what my next plans are. Simply it’s this: to Nanny Faith and Josiah again!

Who would have guessed….heehee

There are still a lot of unknowns, such as scheduling, what I’m doing, how does life look, etc. But there are some things that I do know. For the next 3 months, I will be living in Washington D.C area. (About 20ish minutes outside the capitol) I will be helping in running Faith and Josiah to classes (which I’ll try and update about later). And also, the new baby! Faith and Josiah are going to have a brother! I don’t know how much I will care for the new little guy, but I hope to at least help out a little with him.

I left Belize on the 18th and headed to Florida. After seeing my amazing boyfriend for a few days, I just flew into D.C airport today where the Esquivel’s picked me up. The kids were asleep in the car, but once Faith woke up, she was overjoyed (literally) to hear my voice (as I was sitting behind her) She couldn’t stop giggling, the little cutie. It was one the best ways to be greeted to a new area.

I’m looking forward to all that this season will bring but am quite nervous as well. A few prayer requests I have are:
– Finding my way around the D.C area (It has been awhile since I’ve had to figure out my way around a new area, especially when driving)
– Transitioning well
(A lot of reverse culture shock can happen…)
Health (My head hasn’t been doing well with all the air pressure from flying.)
– Wisdom and Guidance as I continually help in raising these two kids
(It’s tough knowing how to raise kids who have just gone from the beach and island to roads and houses)
– Safety as I drive with/without the kids
(Like I mentioned before, I have no idea where anything is, nor have I driven in a vehicle in the past 3 months)

Right now that’s all I have. I’m super excited about this though, especially being closer to home. There so many changes from Belize and even New York, but I will try and get into those another day.

Thank you everyone for the prayers, love and support.
Until next time,


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