The Crazy and the Calm

With the coming of a new baby, some reason I expected quiet days, with a calm and peacefulness filling each morning. The kids would share their toys and play nicely. A sort of halo of perfection would come upon Faith and Josiah and they would learn to keep their voices down, bodies to themselves and all would be well.

And then reality hit and all expectations were thrown out the window.

Leaves are slowly beginning to change color

Life is busy, but not bad. It’s quite enjoyable here in Northern VA. The mornings are chillier and by mid-day we have a high 70’s. The basic routine of the past week is going to a class for one or both of the kids, driving home, playing for awhile (whether before or after the class, sometimes both) having lunch, the kids take a nap and by 4 or earlier they usually up, ready to play some more. Before dinner, Israel and I would take them to the park and let them get

Playing at the park.

more energy out, we go home and have dinner, the kids get laid down and we would get up the next day and do it all over again.

And then add Baby Benaiah into the mix. Thankfully, he sleeps through most cries or loving pokes from his older siblings. Faith and Josiah love, love, love their brother. They love to give him kisses, or hug and touch him. They are slowly learning how to treat their brother and from what I’ve seen, they are doing a great job. Being able to help teach them to be kind and gentle to a newborn is hard, but it’s such a great experience to be a part of and I’m super thankful to be able to share in this time of the kids lives.

Making birdseed pinecones. They loved making them and the squirrels loved stealing them off the tree.

For me personally it’s been going good. Having somewhat of a schedule is good for me. Being able to take the kids downstairs and play with them, drive them to classes, or being a part of their class, is different, but good to experience. Josiah is in a gymnastics and swim classes where an adult has to attend with him. I got to be the adult this past week and let me tell you, if you aren’t dressed properly for either one of those, things will not go as planned. Don’t worry, I had great clothes on, but there were moments where I wondered what I had just gotten myself into. There have been days where the parents go out to run some errands while the kids are sleeping. One day I ended up having all three kids awake with me, no parents home yet, and I still survived. I felt like the best nanny in the world during that because they weren’t fighting, the baby was still sleeping in my arms and neither older siblings was trying to love on their baby brother. Not every day is like that, but slowly it’s becoming to get easier and easier.

Something that I’ve written about in the past, that really, really excited me, was going to a library and getting books out. This past week, Josiah and I walked to the closest one, which happens to be about a 15-20 minute walk. Just yesterday, much to my excitement, I was able to get a library card and came out with four books, three for the kids and one for myself. My dream of reading to them, showing them picture books on animals, trucks, trees, flowers, ballet, airplanes and so many other options have finally come true. While I may only be here for three months, this is the one thing that has made me most excited since before I arrived in Virginia and hopefully the kids will pick up on my love for books.

Holding two and waiting for the last one to wake up. Loving live!

A few prayer requests:
1) Pray for my health as I think I’m getting a cold. I don’t want the kids, especially Ben to catch it. I’m currently drowning myself in tea.
2) Pray for me as I haven’t been getting enough sleep. Part of that has to do with me not going to bed early, which I’m slowly fixing. The other part is just waking up and tossing and turning for hours on end. With a busy schedule and needing to be on my toes constantly, it’s better to have a good night’s sleep.
3) Pray for me as I try and wake up early. The reasoning behind that one, is I find that I really enjoy reading my bible and praying early in the morning. Being a Christian, and having that time to spend with the Lord is very important to me and not being able to sleep well, being careless and going to bed late or whatever the reason, it’s been hard to keep up with my quiet time in the morning.

Every day has its crazy and chaos, but at the end of the day, there’s a lot of peace, calm and love sprinkled in between.


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