Autumn Days

Let it be known now. I love autumn with all the glorious colors, freshly fallen leaves crunching beneath my shoes and getting to bundle up in cute sweaters and colorful clothes. BUT! I do not like the cold that comes with it. My hands and feet get cold, and if the weather drops too much, I must wear more layers which just makes things a little more annoying. But I guess if I can learn to embrace sweating in Belize, I can learn to embrace the freezing in Virginia.

Things have been busy around here. A couple weeks ago my best friend came down to visit and we celebrated our birthday’s together. It was so nice having someone I knew from home down here with me. I have missed family and friends a lot! When looking at my age, I’m now 23, yet still feel like a little 16 year old at heart. It was a lovely day playing with the kids, taking pictures, eating cake and ice cream, talking to friends and family on the phone and opening gifts. It’s safe to say that year 22 was a good one, and I’m looking forward to this next year that God has blessed me with.

The kids are doing wonderful! Faith is learning the days of the week, Josiah is learning new words and Benaiah keeps his eyes open more often. Faith was digging in the grass awhile back and discovered a worm. She got super excited and began to show me, her brother, and parents. She then went on to dissect him. I guess that’s one way to introduce kids into science, right?

Oh! And speaking of leaves earlier, we made a pile of leaves for the kids! In Belize there were huge almond trees that had big, oval leaves. I remember one time close to April or May where they turned a dark red and brown and fell down. There weren’t enough that we could make a pile to jump in, but there was enough to have a leaf fight. Behind the house here in Virginia, there are several oak and maple trees. Faith and Josiah had so, so, so much fun helping rake the leaves, jumping into the pile and throwing the leaves at each other. The smiles and giggles were worth every leaf I later had to vacuum up from my room that I had brought in with me from rolling and jumping into the pile.

Lastly, Thanksgiving is just around the corner. I want to take a moment to thank God for all that he has provide for me. First my super, awesome church family who has provided financially and prayed over me daily. I’m very thankful for friends and family who have supported me during this past year. I’m thankful for this amazing family, the way they love me and have allowed me to love on their children. I’m grateful for the friends, culture and adventures that I have been immersed in while nannying in Belize and the States. And lastly, I’m thankful for the journey that God has brought me on, the way that his love has been shown more clearly to me, the way beauty can come from ashes, the way His strength comes in my weakness and the way my obedience brings forth his Glory.

And thankfully, I’m still nannying a little longer then a month, before returning home for Christmas. (in other words) This shouldn’t be my last blog post!

I love you all!


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