Nannying at Machaca

Here’s a blog of pictures, and me trying to explain the set up of how my week looked. Hopefully between my last blog post and these pictures, something will make sense!

This was my cabin. There’s a set of stairs on each side and my bedroom (that had 5 bunk-beds) is all the way to the top left. The first door on the bottom left is where the toilets were located, and the second door was where the showers were. Right in front of it are two sinks.
This is what the bathroom looked like, just a row of toilets hidden behind shower curtains. I was a little more or less shocked.
The showers. There are three others on the other side. They were not a great shock. But seeing the lizard one night (6 inches or longer) kinda spooked me.
This is the pipe which the ‘shower’ came out of. They are on a well system, which means the water (unless used in the middle of the day when the sun had warmed it) was usually always ice cold. The first couple nights it was refreshing. the last night it was quite cold. P.S: This was my favorite shower HA!

The best part about the whole base was the playground they had imported from USA. We spent hours there and the kids enjoyed themselves so much!

Faith leading us to the playground. It was a huge blessing. I was asked by someone what I would have done if it wasn’t there. The only thing I could think of was exploring more of the grounds and jungle.
The kids loved the challenge of climbing up the slides. This day it had just rained, so it made climbing extra harder and more giggles.
On some days when it was a little more hot, we took a coloring book and crayons out to the playground, to enjoy the outside, but have something to do in the shade for awhile.









It was harder to get pictures of baby Ben because as soon as I set him down in the rock covered playground, he would try and put them in his mouth. But when he wasn’t sleeping or eating, he was usually right outside with us. Or sitting in his crib so my arms could have a break from all the carrying.

Apart from when he was tired or hungry, this guy was so happy!








And here are a lot of random pictures of Machaca camp. The jungle may be intense at times, but it’s such a beautiful place and the beauty has captured my heart so much. Some of the trees remind me of ones on the island of San Pedro. (Beware, there is a spider picture below!)

Signs to where everything was.
Their sign at the highway. It’s another mile or so into the jungle before one gets to the base






It’s not a great picture, but this little guy was incredible. He spun his web, and that night we had an awful rain storm. The next morning he was gone, but by that evening, he had spun his web again. This happened one more time! I pointed him out to one of the other ladies and she went up and touched him with her finger, showing me he was not dangerous.

While I didn’t take many pictures, I hope that you have enjoyed the few I have. It was such a fun experience, getting to drive to Punta Gorda and nannying at the Machaca base. I love these precious children and family and beautiful country that God has placed in my life.


Until next time!


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