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I always seem to say in my mind “I should write a blog post about what I’m up to. But I’ve only been here for a couple weeks, and my life isn’t that interesting to write about. Of course, no one knows what you’re up to unless you write about it. On the other hand, you could wait a few more weeks till something interesting pops up. Yeah I’ll do that, procrastinate a little longer and wait. But what if nothing ever changes and I never have anything new to write about? I better write something then. But what, not much has happened that’s been that exciting…” And on and on I go.
What has been going on down here in Alabama?
Honestly, it’s been great. The first two weeks were warmer temperatures. And this week it’s dropped to sweater weather. Rainy, chilly and hot tea kind of weather. I’ve gotten to go to the Botanical Gardens, Birmingham Zoo, me and the kids have made bird feeds, gone to the library, spent HOURS playing with toy hot wheel cars. We’ve hopped and jumped miles on a trampoline, found a bunch of black walnuts, made up games, watched birds find our treats we made for them and lots more.
Finding that daily routine and rhythm hasn’t been hard. Most days I’ve gotten Noah out the door and dropped off at his school before 8. I have Juliette three days a week and drop her off at daycare twice a week. On her off days, we go to parks or play outside. I’ll let her watch shows on TV or we play her favorite game, which is the hot wheel cars. After picking Noah up from school, we’ll play games (cars, trampoline or a rare other) or they’ll watch some TV. I’ll usually make dinner (or attempt to make something) and around 7, Noah and I go over his homework, which is usually just reading, spelling words and occasional other stuff to work on. And after playing more cars, we wrap up our day after 8 and get ready for bed.
It’s been good. And not good. I still have days that are hard because the kids don’t want to go to bed, or they don’t want the dinner I made, or something else. I’ve never had kids tell me I’m mean. Or that they don’t like me. Both of these kids have done it a couple times. But in the end they are won over because they actually do like me and I’m not mean. I may not let them get their way but they realize that rules are put in place for a reason and not everything that happens is my fault. And honestly, I appreciate the way they speak their mind. They are allowed to disagree with me, and aren’t scared to tell me how they are feeling or what they’re thinking. In the end I learn a little more about them and they learn why certain things are a certain way.
On my off days (whether both kids are at school or it’s my free weekend) I’ve been reading books, biking, joining the family on their boat at the lake, cleaning the house, shopping, doing dishes, folding laundry, working out, and reading and cleaning some more. This past week I’ve had a cold hit my head (runny nose, headaches, tingling ears, etc) and so I haven’t been pushing myself to do much. I’ve been drowning myself in tea and books and sleep.
Oh church! I’ve tried 3 churches and think I may keep looking. It’s been a fun hunt and search so far though. I had one person this past Sunday (he was a car usher, not sure what else one would call them) come up after the service and ask me if I was actually from NY. I laughed because when I had pulled in, I knew the moment his eyes got wide that he had seen my license plate. When people hear that I’m from NY it does bring in all the same questions, which I don’t mind answering. But back to the churches, so far they’ve been unique and different from what I grew up in. But they’ve been great in their own ways. I just want something that I know I can grow and learn in.
All together, it’s been great. God has brought me to a beautiful state with friendly people (very friendly, overly friendly people) It’s just turning chilly, so hopefully soon we’ll will be getting our fall colors. Life is good, my tea is warm, my heart is full and I’m so thankful for this life at the end of the day.

If I haven’t mentioned it before, everyone is obsessed with college football. I found out that Alabama is the best one to root for. (After SU of course!) Roll Tide forever!


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  1. Thank you for the update. Really appreciate hearing about daily activities. Wonderful things you are doing. Hope the cooking is going along with increasing delight and adventure for you. Praying daily for you, as always.

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