New Addition

With ever new year comes new beginnings, new challenges, new friends, new experiences and new age additions. Last week I turned another year. This will be my 24th time around the sun. That sun hasn’t changed much since the morning I was born.
But I’ve changed.
It’s funny to look back at my old birthdays. I loved turning a new age and feeling older and maturer. I loved getting to spend time with family and friends. I looked forward to my birthday with joy and excitement. And then I hit the ripe old age of 21 and cried myself to sleep. And the past three years hasn’t been the same. And part of that is my fault because I was focused on my own silly ideas of hopes and dreams and the Lord was just smiling at me saying “No daughter, its not your time yet. You have not received that gift from me to open. I still have so much more to teach you.”

And ever year, since turning 21, I’ve been taught little by little by a patient Heavenly Father that I won’t get what I want when I want it right then. And some days I find contentment in life and some days my heart is not content with where God has put me or given me. Every year I learn a little more and grow a little more and find more contentment and joy in life.
This past year was nothing like I imagined it to be. I moved all over the place, had a season of unknowns and sadness. I found new hope in the Lord as I trusted him with my future. And I found another amazing job and family to love on and help. I’ve found new books that open my mind to other parts of the world, I’ve discovered I love to be healthy, I’ve found new verses in the bible to hold on to, I’ve found friends who encourage me in mighty ways.
Every year I stand on the Lord’s promise that He will one day give me the desires of my heart. But I’ve been discovering and finding out that it’s not His desire for me yet because He’s still teaching me things. He’s teaching me to communicate. He’s teaching me healthy boundaries. He’s teaching me to love others better. He’s teaching me to be selfless. And the list goes on and on.So what are new goals for this next year? What are things that I hope to accomplish and learn and add to in this next year? Well for one thing I want to cook better. HA! I want to find new ways to serve the Lord here in Alabama. Through a church’s children ministry or somewhere I could volunteer at. I want to be more of a woman who encourages others, like through speech and action. I want to find new friendships and actually step out of my comfort zone and get to know them, not just see them in another pew and wave. I want to grow mentally and read new books to teach me more about the world around me. I want to grow physically and strengthen my muscles so I can beat my brothers arm wrestling (yeah right Heidi, dream big.) I want to grow spiritually and strengthen my faith. I want live a life that is continually growing and blossoming.
I want the additions. Maybe not the numbers, but I’ll take the new experiences. God has added so much in my life that I can’t begin to count all the numerous blessings. I may not always be content, but when I take the time to sit back and look at life, I see that he has blessed me and is still blessing me. He has added to it in ways I never would have imagined.

Also, I want to share that we have a new addition to our house, little Tiger Lily!! She’s a sweet calico, kitten who loves the children and the children love her. I’m not much of a cat or dog person, but little Tiger Lily is easy to enjoy and fun to watch play with the kids. Who knows, maybe she’ll come into my blog more often…..

Allow the Lord to add to your life and thank him for the blessings.


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