Alabama Snow Storm

Syracuse family and friend, please sit while you read this. This is gonna shock your socks off. You’re never going to believe the awful snow conditions I had to suffer through this past week. Let me start with Sunday. While I was at church, I was talking to many people and the main subject for that day was “did you hear about the snow we’re suppose to get on Tuesday?” or “You’re getting your wish! It’s going to snow on Tuesday. We are suppose to get quite a few inches!” Everyone I talked to mentioned it at some point.
Monday I got a text message that Jefferson County had already announced the schools were closed for Tuesday because of all this snow we were going to get. Noah was excited for a snow day. I was excited to see snow. Juliette and Noah were both excited to play in the snow.
Tuesday morning I was awoken by Noah at 6:30am, his sun-shining smile lighting up my room. Tiredly, but excitedly, I asked him if it had snowed. He bounced up and joyfully opened the blinds for me. “Look miss Heidi! It did, look out here. It even snowed on the trampoline!” He was so excited and I sat up and glanced out the window.
I nearly cried. They were predicting nearly 2 inches of snow. Below is a picture I took later that morning of the backyard “snowstorm” that we got:

Now here is another picture, the same day, about 4 hours later:

Now to be fair, there was rain before we had the snow, so the roads probably were iced over. And Alabama does not have snow plows. But to close the schools due to a possible snow storm of 2 inches and only get a dusting of snow….that was a huge disappointment. HUGE. I think it was worse that by noon the snow had melted and was beautiful out (other then still being cold). In the depths of my heart, I cried all day.
And that is the story of Heidi’s first Alabama snow day. Thankfully we survived.

On random other news (since I’m writing, I may as well keep going) Life has been a busy good. Here is a recent picture of me in my most natural attire:

Warm sweaters, jeggings (jean leggings), hair up in a messy bun, a mug of tea (usually chia) in one hand, laundry basket (it happened to be empty at this moment, but thirty minutes prior it had been over flowing) and my phone playing country or Bethel tunes on Pandora. I love my comfy self.
For one week, I felt like all I did was laundry and dishes every day. Then the next week I felt like I had so much time on my hands. This week has been a blessed in between.

I have also been enjoying making more creative dinners. I occasionally make “cooking with Heidi” videos for a friend and I happened to capture a picture of me about to cut an onion:

There was no crying in the cutting of that onion. I was making soup. This was the day before our snowstorm. We have a bunch of kale, so I made a sausage, kale, onion and lentil soup after my sister-in-law suggested in. It turned out pretty good. It was the first meal Lizzy ever ate of mine. She’s an amazing cook and after having a bowl she told me it was good. I felt all kinds of happiness.

A couple posts ago I put in a picture of some flower buds that were on the bushes at the end of our driveway. In preparation for our snowstorm, I wanted to bring some of them in, as I was assuming the snow would kill off all the flowers. Here is a picture of the flowers I brought inside to brighten the house:
I’m not sure what kind of flower or bush it is. I tried a mini google search, but couldn’t find anything. They are beautiful, don’t have much of a scent, and have long thin thorns. Some bushes are about waist high and some are nearly as tall as me. I’m not sure what it could be.

And last but not least, my sweet children! Noah is doing awesome in school. Every night he has to do a reading (1 chapter or 14 pages) Recently he picked one of my childhood favorites, Cyrus The Unsinkable Sea Serpent By Bill Peet. Here is a picture of him reading the book:

He and Juliette really enjoyed the book, so we found a few others from the library to read. Before bedtime, I’ll read to the kids and often they pick the books that we laughed or giggled over while previously reading.

Speaking of bedtime, Juju has been learning the difference between real and fake. Recently she’s been more afraid of dark rooms or going places in the house by herself. I think a lot of her imagination has to do with stories she hears from me, Noah or other people. I have to be careful about what I tease her about, as later she’ll come to me and tell me she’s scared of the rats or gingerbread man or ghosts.
The other night, I was putting the kids to bed and after turning the light out, she asked me to lay down with her. I had done it a couple nights ago, but I didn’t want it to become habit. If I can get out of the room, allowing her to teach herself to fall asleep on her own, that’s my goal. I told her I had a friend I wanted to text quick, so I would sit at the end of the bed. She then asked if she could hold my hand. After she fell asleep, I was able to capture this picture before I left the room:

I know I mentioned it before, but her trust to hold my hand or gently touch me makes my heart melt. This child had me second guessing so many times that I would ever get her to love me through physical touch. And now she does and when her soft little hand holds mine, or she crawls in my lap and lays her head on my shoulder, when she shares her fears or stares at me with her beautiful big eyes while we both are giggling together, I get so thankful I am blessed to nanny this girl.
She, as well as Noah, are so creative. She constantly comes up with weird ideas and silly miss Heidi doubts them. Usually thirty minutes later, after I’ve gone along with whatever idea she has, I’m proven wrong again and again that she knew what she was talking about and whatever it was she wanted to make or build turned out really cool. I love her creativity and uniqueness she sees or thinks up.

Of course, life is never easy. But when I get to sit back and look back at the way I’ve come along, and about how far I’ve grown through the past 4 months, how much I’ve been learning, how the kids and I get along and what we’ve shared over the months, I know I’m right where I need to be. God is so faithful. For him to lead me to Alabama and allow me to help a mother by watching her two precious children is such a blessing. God is so good all the time.

This last picture is a sunset we saw a week or so ago. We were pretending our stuffed animals were visiting another country (I believe it was Tucker’s Town on the Bermuda island) and they sat on a hill (a bed) watching the sunset. While we were sitting there, waiting for the light to fade, I was suddenly aware of how beautiful the colors were and had to run outside to capture it quick. I love sunsets:

Life always holds blessings, whether it’s glancing at myself in a mirror and laughing at how cute I look wile I’m running around like a busy ant or making a meal from scratch. There’s blessings whether in the book reading snuggles or tear stained faces that snuggle in my lap. There’s blessings in nature, whether it be simple flowers or a orange sunset.

And sometimes, there’s a blessing in a Alabama Snowstorm. I’m still trying to figure that one out.


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