6 Months!!!

Wow, where has the time gone by?!?!? I can’t believe it’s already been six months since I’ve moved to Alabama. I also can’t believe everything I’ve felt, experienced, been blessed with, have learned and am going through in these past six months. God has been so faithful and good and kind as I’ve been trusting him and walking through this awesome life he’s blessed me with.
There’s not much new to share with what’s been going on, but I am just so grateful to be here. It’s crazy how clearly I know, deep in my soul that God wants me here. It’s not easy, and there’s so much I could share on the hardships, but everything I’ve gone through and am going through is worth it. I’m learning so much. I’ve been blessed and put through trials. I’ve wanted to clunk a few heads together and wanted to pour love upon love onto these kids and their family. I always wondered how stay at home moms did it, having their kids 24/7 without a nanny or babysitter. Because I haven’t had my own children, I’ve never had that long term. But I’ve tasted it. You stay-at-home moms, you all are incredible and I admire you. You’re brave and awesome. Don’t ever forget it. I don’t know everything you go through, but I’m learning in little ways what it’s like and am finding that the dreams I had (to have 50+ of my own children) is a little more then crazy as reality kicks in. (Not that I still don’t want 50+ kids…heehee)
BUT! I just wanted to quickly say that walking through life with God these past crazy, six months is so worth it. He’s taken me places I’ve never imagined. When stressful situations arise he is there to hold my hand through the valley or sit and cry with me. He’s the one that tells me to go and tells me to stay. He makes my life full of purpose and destiny. He leads and guides. He dreams big dreams over me and writes a story, better then any book by a human author. He’s the one who makes it all worth it. I am nothing without him. And I’m so grateful to be his Daughter.
Life is not hunky dory all the time. Any mom or woman can tell you that. But that doesn’t stop me from being loving, kind, blessed, joyful or fearful.

I’m so excited to see what God can do in the next six months!


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