Hello Vacation

Heading home to NY the first time!

Well it’s been over two months since my spring break and car adventures. And I’ve been rather silent. But don’t you worry, I’m still alive! I’ve just been traveling. More then I expected to. I don’t want to bore anyone with details so here’s the quick version with my favorite thing: Pictures!

April 14 – May 7; I was home in NY. I was only suppose to stay two weeks but got an extra week.

The wedding I attended with other friends from DTS. I’m sitting on the far left.

May 9; my best friend, Crystal, came to visit for a couple weeks.

May 18 – 20; I had a wedding in Indiana. Crystal and I traveled up together and I got to see friends from my Discipleship Training School in Belize. It’s been about two years since I’ve seen most of them.

Traveling together!

May 21; Crystal and I drive down to Ocala area, Florida where her family lives. A year ago I use to live down there.

May 23 – 28; I flew home to NY to see my family over Memorial Weekend. We always go to a Great Uncle’s house (on my dad’s side) for a family reunion.

May 28 – June 8; I returned to Florida where I visited with friends before returning home to Alabama.

And that’s been my life the past two months. Busy driving, flying or just sitting watching the TV show, Friends. Busy traveling northeast, southwest, then north, then south, then up north again, then back northwest to my home. Busy seeing people, playing games, talking about life, seeing new places, eating food and drinking my favorite virgin water. And naturally enjoying life the whole way. My heart is full.
I’m not sure how to explain my extended vacation. I’m thankful. It was a blessing in so many ways. I have stories and stories and stories of everything I did, whether with family and friends in NY or all the

My mom, grandma and I taking a walk around the park!

adventures I went on with Crystal. I’ve never had so much fun in my life. I got to go on walks with my grandma and mom. I got to explore Birmingham with my sweet friend, Anna and Crystal. I got to watch baby goats be born, swim in the Gulf and see sink holes in Florida. I got to see my 36+ week pregnant friend (she’s due any day now!!!) and visit with friends in NY who I hadn’t seen in many months. I got to travel past Nashville TN and dream of visiting it one day. I got so much from my vacation and I wouldn’t even know where to begin with the stories and adventures.
I’m especially thankful because I’ve never spent so much time with a friend like I did with Crystal. For nearly a month we were always together. Every day. We got to take walks. We could curl up on the couch, eat cheese and crackers and watch movies. We got dressed up and did photoshoots at abandoned creepy shed in the woods behind my house. We drove hours. (Well I did all the driving as she still hasn’t learned how to drive stick!) And somehow survived meals due to our dislike of what the other person likes to eat.
Being home, in Alabama (all two days) has been good, but hard. I miss Crystal. I miss going out late at night to dance in a dark gazebo. I miss kayaking, swimming, tanning, laughing and talking. I miss waking up and

Last night with my girl <3

seeing her beautiful, sleepy eyes in the morning. I miss her gorgeous self, the real side, that not many people see.
My drive home from Florida, leaving Crystal and her family, it was hard. I knew it had to happen sooner or later. But I didn’t want it to actually happen. After spending over a week being constantly surrounded by 15+ people, it’s weird to only have 3 around me. Or to sit in a completely empty room due to everyone being asleep and all I have is music to fill the silence that is louder then everyone I left in FL. It’s weird.
I’ve had a lot of things on my heart since before I returned home to Alabama. But like I’ve been reminding myself for the first few months of this year, I need to take it a day at a time. It’s not today’s problem. And I need to be okay with that. And it’s hard. But like the Lord showed me earlier this year, his timing is best. He’ll reveal his heart and plans in his timing. Not mine. I’m not good at telling him when it’s the best timing. I like to think I do, but I really don’t. And I have to be patient in the waiting.
Back to my vacation. It was so good. And I am thankful to be back in AL. I’ve missed my kiddos and even little stuff, like making tea, playing cars or stuffed animals, or even making meals! I’ve missed it more then I realized.
I have so much I want to write. There’s so much I want to say. So many things I wish I had time to write about. But ultimately my vacation filled my heart with thankfulness, love and so many memories. I’ve learned lessons, found closures and freedom. I’ve opened up and experienced silly, but fun mishaps. I’ve enjoyed every single moment, whether it be tears of laughter or pain.

Every so often, take a vacation from the normal life. Go to a beach or the woods, which ever you prefer. Relax, listen to God and drink virgin water. It’s better then root beer.



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