Uprooting and Transplanting

Growing up on a farm, we were always uprooting weeds from our fields, or transplanting fruit for our garden. We would go out with shovels and dig up those pesky thistles or burdock weeds. If caught within the first year, the burdock was easy to dig up. But by the second year, it grew a loooooong root, that went down for feet. We would try and pull it up, but most of the time the top would pop off and come up again the next year.
My dad would start tomatoes, broccoli or cabbage inside and after May 15 when we were safe from frost, we would take the baby plants out to the garden and transplant them into the ground. Once there, these plants would slowly grow bigger, their roots expanding and reaching to unknown depths.

I have been blessed with strong roots in NY. And then God transplanted me to Belize. It wasn’t hard to adjust to a tropical island, living on the beach every day for a year. But the experiences I went through, humidity and lots of sun, lack of wind, hurricanes, stolen items, and visiting the trail of a broken past helped me grow stronger. My roots grew deeper and stronger.

I chose to uproot and head to Florida. I was blessed with an amazing job, making friends but through my choice of moving, I learned a lot of hard lessons. Looking back, what I have discovered for myself, is when I step out of God’s will and do something on my own, He still blesses, he still loves, comforts and cares but it comes with consequences. I’ll never regret uprooting and moving to Florida. It needed to happen. And it showed me that being outside of God’s will is not something I want to do again. Praise God that through it all, my roots never stopped growing.

After taking some much needed time to refresh my mind, discover how much fun life could be and find small blessings in the unknown times, I took a unexpected trip. Alabama! Before I knew it, God was once again plucking me up out of NY and taking me south. He planted me in a small town, where I have now been for nearly a year. The journey here has been tough. God’s been teaching me to love deeper. To forgive despite the behavior that doesn’t change, or worsens. To find my contentment, joy and strength in Christ. He’s shown me how to worship, pray and dive into him deeper, in daily response to anything that the world or enemy throws my way. To bloom through the gloom.
And not to make it sound like my time here in AL has been horrible. I have never been more thankful for God placing me here. The family I’ve grown to love, the state is beautiful, the church I attend is welcoming and the people I’ve met have beautiful, serving hearts. This has been one of the best states I have ever lived in.

And now we come to the bittersweet news. I’m being uprooted and transplanted. Again. I’m excited for this, because I never thought I would ever be called back to my beautiful, first home, Syracuse, New York. I’m still VERY uncertain what life is going to look like. I have always committed a certain time to the Lord. Whether three months or a year, I’ve always had a time frame in the back of my mind. This time, I’m trusting God to tell me when. It could be six months, two years or five. I may never leave New York again. (I highly doubt that, with all that I dream of seeing and doing.) But that’s not today’s problem to figure out.
I’m looking at returning NY by this fall. My parents have graciously opened their home for me to stay at while I figure out life. I finally get to see my best friend who had a baby 6+ weeks ago and I still have yet to meet. I get to spend more time with family, watch my siblings grow and help my grandparents. I get to expand my roots. I get to try new churches, build new friendships, visit with old friends and walk through my parents garden secretly plucking peas and beans from growing bushes. I can sit with my mom and talk to her (verses having to call while calculating the hour that is ahead of me, making sure she’s not at market, hoping she’s not taking a walk, and avoid the pre/dinner hours and not call too late at night when she’s already in bed. It was tricky!)

I’m moving to my birth place, my favorite home in the world, the one area that brings me most joy, holds the most memories, and I always smile when I think of.
Dear home: I’ll see you soon!!!!!


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