About the Cow Girl

Hey! You found my blog!
I’m a small town farm girl going on big sandy adventures.
Without my cows.

A little about me: I love children, chocolate, tea, books, cows (obviously), my family, friends, boyfriend and most importantly, Jesus Christ.

While I’ve done very little traveling, I enjoy seeing new places, stepping out and trying new things and pursuing my passion for children.

I’ve lived in Central NY my whole life, climbing trees, milking cows, running barefoot in the grass, and I’m now learning a new life of living in Central FL where I can’t climb trees, have no cows to milk and have to make sure to put shoes on because of the fire ants in the grass. Yet I’m excited to see what adventures I can pull out from this sandy peninsula.

And lastly, while I love cows a lot, I’m not the ‘typical cowgirl’ who rides horses and such. I’m simply girl who just happens to loves cows, country living and the beach all at once!

This is me: Free, alive, and excited about what the future holds! Thanks for stopping by to watch me learn and grow.