About Forever Looking Up

Hey! You found my blog!
I’m a small town farm girl going on big adventures.
Without my cows.

A little about me: I love children, chocolate, tea, books, cows (obviously), my family, friends and most importantly, Jesus Christ.

It is because of Jesus Christ that I am Forever Looking Up (my blog name) I want to always be in pursuit of Heaven, striving to run the race to claim the prize. He is the reason I live and breath and have hope.

I enjoy seeing new places, taking pictures of nature, stepping out and trying new things, spending time with family and friends and pursuing my passion for children, loving those wee precious ones.

I’ve lived in Central NY my whole life, climbing trees, milking cows, running barefoot in the grass, but I’m a bit of a traveler, especially in the past couple years. For 3 months I lived in Virginia, then I lived in New York for 3ish months before moving down to Florida for another 4-5 months. And currently I’m back in New York again. But where ever God has placed me, I’m trying to live wholly for Him, seeking his will for my life and loving those around me.

And lastly, while I love cows a lot, I’m not the ‘typical cowgirl’ who rides horses and such. I’m simply girl who just happens to loves cows, country living and life in general!

This is me: Free, alive, and excited about what the future holds! Thanks for stopping by to watch me learn and grow.