Completely out!

I’m officially completely moved out of the apartment!


(Other then the table, dresser and bookshelf that my brother and sister-in-law are using)

20160627_163824I want to say a biggggg HUGE thank you to my dad and brothers for helping me move my large furniture and thank you to my parents for storing it for me while I’m away.


My little storage  space slowly filling up with boxes of 20160623_095454books…I love my books!

20160627_18402720160627_182731I spy a brother!!!


Today was my last day at my home church (for the next 3 months).

Since March 2015, I have been teaching the 2+3 year old’s Sunday School class. These two children have been faithful through the past year to show up every week, with the exception of a few times. (no one wants to drive in a snow-storm! haha)


I will miss my time with them dearly, and I will continue to pray for you two as you make some of your own changes through the next few months.



This precious dear friend has also been faithful through many snowstorms, and rain showers to bring sunshine to our classroom. Miss Ellie has been my second pair of hands in playing with these children, leading them in songs, and teaching them God’s love. I’m going to miss her joyful spirit!



I can’t thank God enough for this wonderful church family that has shown so much love and support through the past few months. Even now, 5 days before I leave, and I have people handing me cash and telling me they’ll be praying and I want to break down and cry.


Every little bit means a lot, and I’m so thankful from the top of my heart to the tips of my toes! I wish everyone had a church as loving as the one that I have had the blessing to to grow up in.


And Lastly, I thank God for my 5 best friends. These girls have encouraged me, helped me grow, prayed with me, packed with me, cried with me and been a friend for when I was needing one.DSC_1024 This past weekend I got to spend celebrating birthdays and taking pictures, and talking and being the grownup goofs we are. Dear girls, I don’t know where I would be in life without and you and I don’t want to know. I will miss you. I won’t have a friend like your smiles, your laughter, your braveness, your encouragement or your love that you show me daily. I will always keep you in my prayers until we meet again. 

I follow Christ, knowing I have a whole prayer support, a whole family who is right behind me. Whether this be the worst time of my life or the best time of my life, I know God has a plan and I trust his plan is perfect.

“Lord you are my God; I will exalt you and praise your name, for in perfect faithfulness you have done wonderful things, things planned long ago.” – Isaiah 25:1


Life at the Moment…

Hi from my messy, boxed up, looks-like-a-tornado-came-through, life!


I’m currently clearing all my personal items out of the apartment I have been living at, in the past 11 months. Which means boxes, books, papers, small stuff, and causing my room to look like I let a few children go through everything.



Once that is complete, I have storing, stacking and more packing (for Belize) to do. But slowly everything comes together and through this messy time, I find a peaceful heart and mind.

Christ has blessed me financially. He’s blessed me with many friends and family who keep me in prayer. I have many who ask me how I’m doing. Really doing. God has truly blessed me throughout my life and not once does he stop. I know he goes before me and leads me and I’m excited to see what he has planned to do with me.

Until that 16 days gets here (Goodness, is it 16 days already?) I’m shipping myself to Russia where it’s so much colder….


Just kidding….


Until Next time…


Through the past 18+ months, I had the most amazing experience being a Nanny for a precious family. I started with a energetic, 3 year old boy and his baby 3 month twin sisters. (Talk about double trouble, haha)

Through the months, I saw the changes of  my bud. He learned numbers and letters. He learned how to play Uno (and was really good) and went from a small bike to a large one. Through him, I learned how to play Superheroes (non-stop). I heard some of the craziest sayings, and I found I could laugh with him while rolling in the grass and snow.

Through the months I saw lots of change with my twin girls. From laying on the ground, to rolling over, to sitting up, to scooting, to crawling, to standing, to walking and finally running. These two daredevils learned to climb up the swing-set and loved to slide. They could say single words, loved to laugh and giggle. One was extremely affectionate while the other was compassionate.

My stories could go on for pages. But through it all, I learned a lot. I learned I could feed two girls at the same time while trying to entertain a 3 year old with stories. I learned patience. LOTS and LOTS of patience. I learned that some 4 (soon to be 5) year old children have trouble with their words and emotions. I learned that some 1 (nearly 2) year old children can’t express their emotions and that may lead to hitting. Or biting. And slowly I learned to take a deep breath and once again explain in simple words why we don’t hit. Or bite. Or kick. Or run over our sister with the toy lawnmower.

I’m not perfect. I did get upset a lot of times. Some days I couldn’t figure out what to do because it was too cold to go outside and they were bouncing off the walls with energy. I yelled when I shouldn’t have and was silent when I should have spoken up. I was tired some days  and had no energy and yes, I admit there were some days were I was so glad to leave for the day. Or thankful that it was the weekend.

But through it all, God stayed with me. He was my rock that I went to when I wanted to cry or pull all my hair out. I had many days where the only thing I could pray was that I would get the sleep I needed and if I didn’t get it, that he would give me the strength for the next day. And he was faithful. I put my trust in him and never once did he fail me. He was always with me and always kept me from going insane, or running away.

I would never change anything I went through. I know this has prepared me so much for the far future, should God bless me one day with my own family. He had taught me a lot. And I believe that this job has prepared me for the next: Belize.

I know that through all that I’ve learned, I can be more confident about going to a place I’ve never dreamed I would travel to. I’m excited to be able to use the skills and talents that Christ has blessed me with. And I’m thankful that God has called me to a new chapter of life.

Leaving my current family is hard. I’m going to miss the laughter, stories, giggles, talks, walks, basketballs, biking, running, exploring, and adventures. These children will always hold a piece of my heart. This family will never leave my memory. I’ll think of them often and miss them much.

To the family I have been with: Thank you for the lifetime of memories and experience. I will come visit soon. I pray you will never forget me during the short time I was with you. May God bless you as you go through your own season of change. ♥

Until I see you again…



Today I ended the first day of my last week at work.

I have mixed emotions about this, but mainly, I’m sad over the loss of leaving such a wonderful family and these adorable children I have cared for. But  I will tell more about that in a later post.

For now, please keep in your prayers, that I will finish what I have began. In as much as I want to sit and cry every night, I am reminded that God has plans for me in Belize.

Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.



More Praises

“Enter his gates with thanksgiving and his courts with praise; give thanks to him and praise his name. For the Lord is good and his love endures forever; his faithfulness continues through all generations.” -Psalm 100:4-5

I have wonderful news! I am fully funded financially! Once again, I’m so very grateful to each and every person who has contributed. Not only with a gift, but with your prayers.

God has truly blessed me with a family, and church family, who are willing to step up and help me in small ways. I’m truly, truly thankful for all this and can’t thank you enough!

My next steps in my process of preparation are getting medical insurance and small in-between details.


Blessings from Above!

God blesses us daily with many things. Since returning home from my relaxing trip to Florida, I have found many blessings in the simplest things such as: Trees I can climb, mountains and hills, hand soap, toothpaste, adorable twin girls, food, energetic boys, a vehicle I can drive, and tap water.

Most recently, I found out that God has truly blessed me with many people who are willing to step up and provide financially for me.

While it has only been about 2 weeks since I sent my support letters out, I found out today that I have half my support raised already!!!

I also have had more than one person tell me they are praying for me. While money is important, knowing I have people lifting me in prayer is a HUGE blessing.

THANK YOU EVERYONE!!!! We serve an amazing God!



First, I had a lovely vacation in Florida!!

Secondly, I was interviewed at our church, sharing where I’d be going and what I would be doing.


Two prayer requests I currently have:

  1. Raise the financial support I need
  2. Preparation emotionally, spiritually and physically.

Thank you for all the financial and prayer support you have given me! I’m so blessed to have each and everyone of you in my life!