Come Meet the Nanny!

Hey! You found my blog!
I’m a small town, farm girl going on big adventures. A little about me: I love children, chocolate, books, cows, traveling, my family, friends and most importantly, Jesus Christ.

I’ve lived in Central NY my whole life, climbing trees, milking cows, running barefoot in the grass, but I’m a bit of a traveler, especially in the past couple years. I’ve gone to Ecuador on a missions trip, I’ve lived in Belize as a nanny. Most recently I’ve moved from Virginia to New York, to Florida, back to NY before making another move to the southern state of Alabama. (And all that was within less then a year) But I have been finding that where ever God has placed me, I can live wholly for Him, seeking his will for my life and being content whatever the situation he has placed me in.

My passion is children. Growing up an older siblings in a large family, I’ve always loved little ones. Christ has given me so many awesome opportunities to travel to people who need a woman who just wants to be the hands and feet of Christ. I love that I get to come along side parents and allow them to pursue their passions and work, while doing what I love of being with children and playing, helping them grow and loving them.

This blog is all about my traveling adventures. It’s the journey towards what Christ can teach me in the little moments. It’s about the frustrations, tears, hard times and anger I face. It’s the love, the twinkling eyes and small hands that grab onto mine. It’s about the joy, laughter and mistakes that I can share about in a funny, amusing and a real raw way.

This is me: Free, alive, and excited about what the future holds! Thanks for stopping by to watch me learn and grow.