They’re Here!!!!

Guess what?!?!?!?!



That’s right!!! My support letters came in!!!! I’m so thankful to my church for printing off 80 copies (They originally did 50, but we found that wasn’t enough!) And thankful for having my friend, Natalie, help in folding, stuffing and licking the first 50 with me!!

I shall be posting a copy of this support letter under my Pages (Spoonful of Sugar). If you click the link inserted here you may reach it faster —>

  1. Also, if you would like a paper copy and don’t receive one by the end of April, let me know!!! I’d be more than willing to send that!

What’s going to be next??


Slowly and Surely

This past week has been super busy with me writing a support letter and figuring out costs for all the items I need, making a ‘to do’ list, looking up planes for Belize and feeling stressed out by all that I have to do before July.

Slowly my support letter has come together and I should hopefully have it printed and sent out by the end of next week. *hopefully* haha

Coming up with everything I will need for my trip has been kind of fun, though it also reminds me I need $$. Though I will admit, as much as I don’t like spending the money, I do enjoy shopping, so it will be fun to go out with my list.

My ‘to do’ list consists of many things. My favorite is “Keep praying, keep getting into God’s word and keep smiling” The rest is the boring in-between stuff.

Looking up planes is tricky because I’ve never had to buy tickets to fly internationally before. I guess I could google it if I was smart! haha

And lastly stress is a part of life. But finding the joy in the little things helps me personally through it. Going to my favorite job in the world and seeing two smiling faces from twin girls and their giggles, or shaking my head once again at the silly things a 4 year old boy can say. Having my brother N and J over, along with J’s girlfriend for dinner was lots of fun. Sharing an apartment with a wonderful supportive roommate is such a blessing. And through these many little things, I learn to de-stress and get one day closer to my goal of living a life that bring Glory to Christ.

My days will not always be sunshine and roses, but they are an adventure. And slowly and surely I’ll make it to Belize.


Today in my Here and Now

Already I feel the pressure of five months weighing down on me. I like to plan and dream of what it could be like in five months…

Today in five months, I could be stepping onto a plane. Today in five months I could be flying through clouds, blue skies, humid muggy air, or rainstorms. Today in five months, I could be going through four different airports. Today in five months, I could be stepping off plane number four…or five…let’s hope not six! And today in five months, I could be meeting my new family. I could be giving hugs, sharing stories and making new relationships.


That is not today. That is not my here. That is not my now. That is in the far future. It’s good to plan ahead, dream and make goals and learn about this country I’m about to depart for. But it’s also good to focus on my here and now…

Today in my here and now I want to focus on the awesome family I Nanny for. Today I want to be stepping into my car. Today I want to be driving through snow, rain or sunshine. Today I want to be going through green lights (not red!). Today I want to be stepping out of my car. And today I want to be loving my three kids unconditionally. I want to be giving hugs, sharing jokes, laughing and holding dear to the relationships I have made with these three precious children and their parents.

Today in my 24 hours, I want to be used by God to show that no matter where God takes me in the future, I will always love my first nanny family. They have taught me so much and I am so thankful for them here and now and forever.


When Plans Change…

“Do not be anxious about anything but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God that which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4:6-7

I knew that sooner or later I would receive an email from MN, telling me they had heard back from my three choices. I guess I didn’t realize how much it would change my plans.

My choice #1, Belize, responded and are interested in getting to know me (Praise God!) They also wondered if I could arrive there in July, not August. (Say whatttt???)

When I first saw the email, my mind did what it always does. “I have so many plans for July. Do I need to cancel that trip? Will I be able to spend time with my friends and family before I go? Will I get everything I need? How do I know if this is right for me…” And the list goes on. Worry. Worry. Worry.

But I am reminded of the verse above in Philippians. I’m thankful that even when I can’t seem to think straight, or I don’t know whether this is right for me or not, I don’t need to be anxious at heart. I can tell him my problems and leave with peace in heart and mind.

Thankfully I was able to continue on with my day (only slightly distracted) and after telling several friends and my mom, I was able to see that this suddenly change of plans isn’t such a bad thing.

We shall see how this all plays out…


Currently in my Life…

Before I get started, I want to thank you for checking out my blog! I’m so excited to share my adventures of the next several months and all the crazy stories that will probably go with it.

~My current situation~

At the end of Jan. 2016, I applied to be a Missionary Nanny through the Missions Nanny org. (Here’s a link on more info regarding them:

In Feb. 2016, they appointed me to come on board. They asked me to pray through the list of openings they had and give them my first 3 choices. I took a few days to pray and think and look through the openings and finally gave them my first three choices.

  1. Belize
  2. Hondoras
  3. Uganda

MN have emailed each of the families and will respond back to me once they have heard back about which family would suit me best. I’m excited to hear back from them and am praying that God will place me in the family and needs me the most.

Until Next time,


Look in the Back of the Wagon!!

There once was a man, standing next to a wagon. A snake slithered past, spooking the horses. The man grabbed onto the wagon holding the reins of the runaway wagon. The horses galloped quickly, not slowing. They could not be stopped. The nearby crowd of people shouted at the man.

“Let them go!”

“They aren’t worth it!”

“You’re going to get killed!”

But the man didn’t let go. He held on tighter, trying to slow down that wagon that was out of control. He slipped and started to get dragged along.

The man was close to being trampled. He called all the louder, pulled all the tighter and prayed all the harder. People thought he was foolish. They didn’t see the point in what he was doing.

Finally, the man got the horses to slow down. He was nearly dead, lying in torn clothes and blood trailing his face and arms. The people surrounded him, a few shaking their heads.

“Why did you do it? Do you realize how foolish that was? How close you came to being trampled to death?”

The man, wiping the grey dust from his face lifted a weary hand and pointed towards the wagon. With a shaky voice, full of emotion, he coughed out, “Look in the back of the wagon.”

The flap of the wagon opened and there inside lay the man’s baby boy.


I, like this man, some times feel like I am pulling the reins of two runaway horses. I am nearly trampled on. I am close to being murdered, but I still hold the reins, not willing to let go of them.

But no matter where I go, the crowd of this world may never understand why I hold these reins. They may never understand why I don’t roll away to safety. They may mock me, tease me, scold, laugh, or shake their heads in disgust, but it will never be enough to make me stop holding onto those precious reins.

When my time comes and the wagon slows, when the crowd of this world surrounds me and asks me why I was so foolish to not save my life, I will tell the crowd why. I will look them all in the eye and tell them, “Look in the back of the wagon.”


Following God to be a Nanny over seas might be crazy to some. Living in a Country that I didn’t know existed five months ago might seem foolish to some. Leaving the best job I have ever known, to go where I may not get paid, might seem stupid.

But this is who I am. I am called to help those who need it. Christ has given me a passion so deep for the children of this world that not even the nervousness of being away from my family and friends for 3 long months can take away the joy and peace I have, knowing what I’m doing is right.

While this world may never understand why I would do such things as I wrote above, it’s because of Christ that I will hold onto those precious reins. I will follow him, no matter how crazy, foolish, or stupid I appear to others.

I want my faith and trust in Christ to be the reason I  can tell people to ‘look in the back of the wagon’. He is why I do what I do. And one day, the world will see that, what is in the back of my wagon, was worth more than my life.